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CM Commercial Listicle Process Card

Generated solely by commercial team - No Editorial input or main brand approval SLA: 3 days (from receipt of complete booking)
no1 Local Listicle ‘Owner’ creates listicle in Salesforce
no2 Book each listing via AdSalesPro
no3 Add client content to ARF in Salesforce under relevant parent Listicle
no4 Once sales are complete, Listicle Owner checks ‘listicle complete’ box
no5 SAS route through to Creative for processing and scheduling
no6 Copywriter edits supplied content & proofs to Listicle Owner
no7 Listicle Owner arranges client proofing
no8 Listicle Owner collates amends into one email to relevant Copywriter
no9 Copywriter emails final proof to Listicle Owner
no10 Once approved by Listicle Owner, Copywriter publishes article
no11 Copywriter writes and publishes Facebook post
no12 Job moves to DMS in Adwatch for Facebook boost and Google/AdYouLike fulfilment